Detailed real-life EMF remediation run-through in an old house

Shaun Kranish 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 2

What kinds of things are found in a typical old home? Electric fields, dirty electricity, wireless technology, and elevated magnetic fields due to current on pipes and other unbalanced "net" current issues are some examples.

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This is an account from a real-life professional EMF remediation. Read to discover things in your own home you may have not been considering before!

Full article here - This Old EMF House


When you are checking the circuit breaker - switching the individual circuits on and off - how are you measuring at the same time and with what device are you measuring?

Thanks for this article, it's very helpful.


Hi Loraine, did you click the Full Article link? Click this link here and it will bring you to the entire article - it describes in great detail how the measurement was performed :)