Roundup Review and Discussion of 6 Battery-Operated LED Light Fixtures

Shaun Kranish 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0

An in-depth look at 6 different battery-operated LED light fixtures on the market. We compare them side by side looking at:

Image 76

  1. Kingso 3-pack "Warm White"
  2. Kuled 3-pack "Pure White"
  3. OXYLED T-02
  4. JEBSENS T01
  5. Lightkiwi F7546
  6. Lightkiwi U1482
  • Does the light work?
  • Are there any quirks?
  • What color is the light?
  • Comparative brightness?
  • Motion-sensing distance?
  • Does it cause AM radio buzz?

Read the review and discussion, see all of the pictures, and get the scoop on why you should know about battery-operated LED lights, what they can do for you, and which one(s) make sense for you.