Disabling Wireless Signals from Samsung Smart TV

Shaun Kranish 2 years ago • updated by Julian H 1 year ago 3

Samsung...we meet again. A while back I wrote about and made a little YouTube voice-over with images of disabling wireless from a Samsung refrigerator. Well, I had another opportunity to meet a Samsung device without the option to disable wireless without getting out a screwdriver.

Suggestion to manufacturers: Put a physical power switch on these devices so that we can shut off the WiFi without 1) having to rely on software settings which could be inadvertently reset or updated and 2) having to physically open up the device to disconnect something. Please hear us - there are plenty of people who do not want the wireless functionality - who do not want the radiation - from these devices.

So this TV - a Samsung UN32J5500AF - is a Smart TV that came with a house my parents recently moved into. The TV has an Ethernet hookup on the back, which we utilized. But hooking it up to Ethernet didn't stop the wireless signals. There also were no settings in the menu to completely disable it. The TV was even radiating RF radiation when it was off - simply being plugged-into the power outlet made the unit transmit 24/7.

My parents didn't want that in their kitchen, and I certainly didn't want it in their kitchen either. They spend a lot of time there, and my family spends a lot of time there when we visit. No thank you, Samsung.

So, a standard Phillips screw driver, and about a dozen or so screws, and the back cover of the TV came off very easily. I made sure to periodically touch something ground to avoid ESD (electrostatic discharge). And I made sure simply not to touch any of the metal contacts anywhere inside - on the circuit boards.

As you can see in the pictures - there are 2 small black boxes with sickers with an FCC ID on them. These are the wireless devices. I'm not sure why there are 2, but they were. Look at that - they have as simple connect that pops off. A flathead screw driver helped me pop these 2 connectors off so that they are completely disconnected.

Now our family enjoys high definition and the "Smart" TV features like YouTube/Netflix/etc sans radiation.


Thank you so much for posting this. I just bought the same model and got frustrated trying to turn off the wifi. Call me weird, but I can feel it when it's on, so I avoid wifi whenever possible. I think this radiation is one of those things that people will eventually wise up to, but it will take a few years. This video says there is also a 3D emitter, so maybe that was the second one you took out. 

Actually, I looked up the model numbers and it looked like #2 on the right is the Blue-Tooth module.


Thanks Shaun. You saved me doing the discovery myself. Bizarre that there is no option to kill Bluetooth and WiFi , but i guess they just want to keep the TVs vulnerable and broadcasting. Anyway, screwdrivers rule. I feel a bit sorry for the folks out there getting their TVs taken over. Was reading about an art exhibition on a set of Samsung TVs that was hacked to show porn by someone visiting. The gallery couldn't figure out how to turn it off, because of course they can't turn off the wireless setting. I think we're just the 1% who wants to control our environments, and sadly the other 99% are happy to go with whatever they're given.