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How close is too close to a cell tower?

Shaun Kranish 8 years ago updated by nnxr 7 years ago 2

My parents are looking at property outside of the city - they are thinking to retire a little ways out into the country.

My wife and I went with them to look at this one property - and it's very, very nice. Lots of acreage, a large springfed lake right on the property (the water was crystal clear, lots of nice big fish in it as well). Log cabin style home, lots of space, gosh what a nice property.

Knowing me I did an antennasearch.com search before even going out there and there's a big tower smack dab across the street. Luckily it's a long driveway, but the tower is still about 2600 feet from the house.

We went out there to look at the property and geez the tower is big. BIG tower with tons of antennas on it. Readings in front of the house were 100 microwatts/m2 or greater. Inside the house wasn't as bad - the house does a decent job of blocking. I'm going to take more measurements and actually use the frequency filters this time - but it was raining when I was out there last so I couldn't take many measurements outside.

So, what does everyone think? A BIG cell tower staring at you a half mile away - line of sight - no trees or anything in between. Ugh this property would be so ideal if it weren't for that. Would love to hear what others think.

Under review

How close is their city house to the nearest cell towers?

What is the reading in microwatts/m2 at their city house?

It could be that the rural property is an improvement over their city house, being covered by multiple cell sites, neighbor wi-fi, neighbor cordless phone, smart meters, etc.

Just a thought.


google earth puts the 2 cell towers currently nearest their house at 2600 feet each - so the same distance. However at least with those there are trees and houses as obstructions. But I need to go back out on a nice day and measure to compare both outdoor and indoor locations with the same meter and antenna.