The Smart Dryer and Time-Of-Use Rates

Robert Daniel 8 years ago 0

Image 15Within the last couple of months I have posted comprehensive articles to demonstrate how consumers financially suffer with smart meters and that they are also financially and socially punished when subjected to Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity rates [1] [2].

Those articles, although comprehensive, were somewhat broad in nature. Let us take a closer look at one particular household appliance that is frequently touted by smart grid proponents, the “smart” dryer. It is advertised that you can “save money” by using a smart tumble dryer in the late evening when electricity rates are low. There is an inference that you would place your washed clothing in a smart dryer, go to bed, and the dryer would later turn on and complete its drying cycles while you were sleeping. Before proceeding, let me present some common sense public service advice on tumble dryer safety:

Tumble Dryer Safety: “Occupants are advised to use tumble dryers and washing machines when they can be supervised. Ideally they should not be switched on and left to run overnight whilst people are sleeping. We would encourage people to switch off all electrical appliances when vacating the house and during the night to reduce the risk of fire in the home.”

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