Severe Bluetooth reaction in Buick Enclave

Shaun Kranish 4 years ago updated by Kay Berkson 6 months ago 2

I just wanted to share a personal experience from this past weekend. I am sensitive, yes, but I don't normally react so badly that I notice it immediately. My EMF sensitivity is more of a dragging my health down sort of thing. But once in a great while I will have a severe reaction and notice it.

So this past weekend was one of those. I was riding with family in a Buick Enclave. I was in the back seat. Within a minute or two of getting into the car I felt sick - really bad waves of nausea - feeling flush on my face - and overall just feeling really really sick. We arrived at our destination shortly after, and then I felt fine again. In fact I forgot about it.

When we left and I got into the car, the same exact reaction occurred. Unfortunately in this car the Bluetooth cannot be disabled. I won't be riding in there anymore until that dashboard is taken apart and it's manually/physically disabled. What a terrible feeling it was!!!

An update - I found a way to disable it!!!

I took my professional meter in the car this morning, when my mom stopped by, to measure and see about temporarily shielding. I was playing around in the settings and I DELETED all of the Bluetooth devices in the list. The transmission stopped thank God! It was so powerful before. But deleting all of the bluetooth devices listed in there made the bluetooth signal stop completely.

So if you have a Buick Enclave - whether you bought it new or used - make sure you go into the bluetooth settings and delete all of the devices. The only sure way to know is to verify with a RF (radiofrequency) meter. The car should be completely quiet - shouldn't be generating anything when you compare the car being off to being turned on/started.

Also be careful not to ever touch anything "Bluetooth" on the radio, or it may turn it back on. If you touch "connect a device" or something - it could turn this back on. So careful and check it with an RF meter if you feel symptoms in the car. My mom was feeling symptoms of heart racing/anxiety in her car. I'm betting she will be feeling better now and those feelings won't be returning.