Money Talks: From ‘smart’ meters to power politics

Robert Daniel 7 years ago 0

The greenwash bait-and-switch: how deep does it go?

By now, everyone who has been paying attention has realized that within our broken socio-political system, virtually every decision from top to bottom is based on money, corruption and greed.

The 3-part presentation below, filmed in British Columbia in April 2016, will help us all see what’s really going on at a deeper level. I will uncover:

  • how the biggest shareholders in the most destructive (but profitable) companies are the very governments that set the rules so those companies don’t pay taxes, destroy whatever they can for money and violate our core human values,
  • how these entities are actually twisting our intentions of saving our planet into serving their own economic agendas, and to further their control / diminish our rights, and
  • how so-called ‘smart’ meters are a key tool for all of this — and why they’re still being deployed despite a ridiculous level of obvious problems.

Part 1: ‘Smart’ meter fires

Our starting point on this journey is the widespread problem of ‘smart’ meter fires – an important precursor for what follows. You will see forensically why they cause fires and explosions (thousands to date), then financially why the collateral damage they cause is considered to be “worth the risk.” Hint: ‘smart’ meters are a keystone in the Big Data pyramid…

Youtube video

Part 2: Big Data, Big Power, Big Government

The insane drive of Big Data is being propelled by the energy industry. Within the popular paradigm, all eyes are on Big Oil as the “bad guys” in an environmental context. Certainly they are not doing the planet any good. But by keeping us within this narrow focus without deeper thought, they have a nice distraction for the world’s largest energy companies to move in on their data/carbon/currency endgame.

Youtube video

Part 3: Pensions, Power, Politics and Climate

This is where the pieces will connect, and it will all simply make sense. The the biggest root of all evil is not money itself, but how the people behind these agendas are after our money (and support of their agendas) for their insane ends.

Youtube video

So the next time you hear a politician talk about “climate”, you will have the keys to see how this all connects. And you will realize on this issue, like virtually everything else, they are probably lying.