Video: How to opt out from ‘smart’ meters (before & after measurements)

Robert Daniel 8 years ago updated 8 years ago 0

This must-see short film by Andrew Lankes of Austin, Texas, is loaded with truth and solutions for ‘smart’ meters, wireless, and dirty electricity.

What we like best about this 12-minute video are the clear measurements — with a ‘smart’ meter, and after it was replaced with a safe analog. Watch it here:

Youtube video


  • Kitchen – with ‘smart’ meter: 232 V/sec
  • Kitchen – with analog meter: 50 V/sec
  • Bedroom – with ‘smart’ meter: 153 V/sec
  • Bedroom – with analog meter: 60 V/sec


  • Smart meter: over 2,000 uW/m2* (device maxed out)
  • Analog meter: 0.4 uW/m2
  • * – pulses much higher than 2,000 uW/m2
  • Router with wireless: over 2,000 uW/m2 (device maxed out)
  • Router without wireless: 0.6 uW/m2
  • DECT cordless phone base: over 2,000 uW/m2 (device maxed out)
  • Mobile phone: over 2,000 uW/m2 (device maxed out)


  • 1) Replace ‘smart’ meter with analog meter
  • 2) Hardwire computers with ethernet cable
  • 3) Put cell phone in airplane mode when not in use, and don’t use right next to head. (Good idea: airtube headset)
  • 4) Use a corded landline

We’re bio-electric beings, affected by electromagnetics

Quite simply, we are bio-electric beings. As we’ve seen in Take Back Your Power (watch it here), once a utility installs a ‘smart’ meter, thousands (if not millions) are suffering functional impairments, illness or returning bouts of cancer and other diseases.
There are literally thousands of studies that show a biological effect from electromagnetic frequencies (EMF). And just this month, a $25M study by the US National Toxicology Program (NTP) concluded that cellphone radiation is linked with an increase presence of cancerous tumors.
But of course, industry and most government agencies are in full denial. It’s time the world knows what’s going on with ‘smart’ meters — better termed radiating surveillance meters.
Opting-out is not the solution, but it’s a start. It’s time we kick these ‘smart’/advanced/AMI meters out of our homes and neighborhoods once and for all. Contact your utility today and demand a safe analog meter.

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