Where does the money go?

The IEHA is a non-profit or not-for-profit organization. This means that there is no owner or shareholders collecting money. Our members are our stakeholders - the organization exists to serve them. Through our advanced voting system the members decide how revenue is used - on which projects, initiatives, ideas, and causes. Members also will be able to view financial information reports for the IEHA.

The IEHA is not registered or licensed by any entity as a charity - therefore your membership dues and donations are most likely NOT tax deductible (unless perhaps you have an EMF-related business and you can expense it). Check with your account or lawyer for details.

The IEHA is an advanced hybrid of volunteer and paid service providers. This approach is taken to provide the highest service level to its members and to most effectively accomplish their goals. To these ends, the IEHA pays for some professional services including web hosting, email/CRM/marketing systems, graphics design work, setup and testing of systems, etc. It uses professional companies, firms, and consultants for such work.

There are also monthly expenses of web hosting, email system, domain names, merchant (credit card) processing, utilities, and so-forth. These are kept to a minimum and many costs are shared to reduce them as much as possible. The IEHA always tries to keep these expenses down so that as much revenue as possible can be devoted to completing the projects its members have chosen. This is what makes the IEHA's structure the best membership organization design out there.

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