What's in it for me - what are the benefits?

Joining the International Electromagnetic Health Association gives you the following:

    • Charter Meter status - the first 5,000 members will be considered charter members and may publish a special message to the world on our site.
    • Access to members-only downloads library - articles, guides, documentation, and many resources continually published and forever available for download only by members.
    • Protected members-only private discussion forum - discuss anything you'd like with people like you - the most committed EMF folks around.
    • Special Newsletter for members only via email.
    • Access to members-only private EMF Action Center and other voting forums - this is where you build and shape the organization how you want it.
    • Belonging to a family of like-minded, committed, real people banding together to support one another and help mankind.
    • Knowing you are helping to advance EMF awareness, research, and demand for safer products.
    • Discounts from certain EMF stores and providers (ask your store/provider what their IEHA discount is).
    • Much more - members tell the IEHA what they want

    You are not alone with EMF sensitivity. Your voice will be heard!

    Join our growing family and help effect real change in the way we use electricity, electronics, and wireless technology - with health in mind.

    The International Electromagnetic Health Association (IEHA) is the world's first membership-based organization and advocacy group for electrosensitives (men and women with electrohypersensitivity) and those who realize the dangers of exposure to EMF or man-made non-ionizing radiation such as that produced by "smart meters," WiFi, dirty electricity, ground current, and other electromagnetic fields.

    The IEHA is made up of everyday men and women, as well as scientists, doctors, measurement experts, activists, and volunteers. Each and every member is equal and has paid to belong and access benefits and privileges. We are fully member-funded, not accepting commercial funding, contributions, or advertising sales.

    Changing the way we change the world together...

    Not only is the International Electromagnetic Health Association the first membership-supported group, it is also guided and steered by its members through an innovative idea voting forum. When your membership is activated, you will receive an email inviting you to the EMF Action Center. You will have access to the Members-Only private forums (not visible to public) where you can review ideas submitted by other members, submit your own if you have a new idea, and vote on one another's ideas.

    These forums let the administration, coordinators, and volunteers know what the members want to see done, and one-by-one the ideas are acted upon. We all have different knowledge and a different perspective on what is going on - so our ideas and votes really matter!

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