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Joshua vs Ruiz 2 live

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Joshua vs Ruiz rematch will not be available via linear channel or traditional pay per view. This rematch will be Live on Sky Sports Box Office in the UK.

Anthony Joshua vs Andy Ruiz 2 is gonna be the next heavy weight boxing match. This is a rematch between Ruiz Jr and Joshua, following their first fight this year, in June.

Oled 'Smart' TV

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I want to upgrade my old plasma for a 65 inch OLED tv but they are ALL WIFI! Apparently, even disabling the wifi does not stop the pulses. Anybody had any experience with defanging one of the new oled TV's? I've heard that Sony are the only company who actually truly allow you to disable the wifi. Anyone know if that is true?

there ius no way I am having a pulsing monster in the corner of my living room but I very much want an OLED Tv.

"A lot of people are worried about getting cancer from them"

Shaun Kranish 7 years ago updated by html5 games 3 years ago 2

"A lot of people are worried about getting cancer from them."  These are the words I received from a ComEd (electric utility company in Illinois) meter reader yesterday.

My parents live out in the country.  They are blessed with cleaner air, a quieter and more scenic landscape, and low electromagnetic fields.  They also still have their analog electric meter.  I have mine as well, but I'm located in the city with higher electromagnetic fields from nearby power lines and current on water pipes in the neighborhood.

I saw the ComEd truck pull up to my parents' home.  As the meter reader came back to his truck I stopped him and asked him if he heard anything about smart meters.  He proceeded to tell me where they are installing them - here and there - and that they'd be coming to my parents' home soon.  He said they should receive a letter and also a phone call prior to the installation.  I thought to myself, "no smart meter is going here, I promise you," but stayed silent.

I then asked him if he had received any feedback on the smart meters.  His first words, and I quote "A lot of people are worried about getting cancer from them."  Wow!!!  A candid response validating everything I had been hearing from concerned and often ill people.  A validation of all of the countless articles and videos and lawsuits due to the same reasons: people are being affected, people are worried, people don't want these smart meters, and people are making their voice heard.

We talked more, and the message summed up to something along the lines of he doesn't know whether or not it causes cancer, he is told it's just like a cell phone, and he's just doing his job.  I gave him my card at the end, told him what I do and what I knew about the smart meters, and hopefully made him think about the company he works for and what it's doing, as well as thinking about what to make of all of the serious concerns people are voicing about this unwanted technology.

Replace your XFinity or other cable modem with safer wired modem

Shaun Kranish 7 years ago updated by richardsimonse 5 years ago 1

XFinity (Comcast) and other cable Internet providers nowadays are providing their own hardware - usually combo units that are a cable modem (gateway), Wireless (WiFi) router, telephone adapter, and sometimes even cordless DECT phone base station as well.  These combo-units are configured by your cable provider and usually have multiple wireless networks broadcasting.

The problem with these units is that the wireless functionality usually cannot be disabled by the subscriber.  Calling your cable company can often lead to getting this disabled, but sometimes only after talking with multiple people.  For this you would also need an RF meter to verify and make 100% certain that it actually went off.  Lastly, the risk of going this route is that theoretically at any time the cable company could run a software/firmware or configuration update which resets your modem/router unit and the wireless is back on!  You would never know unless you regularly checked with an RF meter to make sure the wireless is still off.

So, the best and safest solution is to replace these wireless devices with non-wireless devices.  That is, replace your cable company's equipment with your own equipment that you can purchase.  This equipment you purchase has no wireless functionality, so you never have to worry about it coming on - it's not possible for it to create RF radiation.  A side benefit to this is that usually the cable company is charging you monthly for the equipment, and in a year or less you will be saving money every month by having purchased your own equipment and not paying that rental each month!

If you use cable Internet WITHOUT phone service, get a modem like one of these (in order of most expensive to least expensive):

Arris 32x8 Docsis 3.0 cable modem 1400 megabits/s speed: http://amzn.to/2ugC7Mk

Netgear 32x8 Docsis 3.0 cable modem 1400 megabits/s speed: http://amzn.to/2tcwhqc

Motorola 16x4 Docsis 3.0 cable modem 686 megabits/s speed: http://amzn.to/2sOb9Y4

TP-Link 24x4 Docsis 3.0 cable modem 1029 megabits/s speed: http://amzn.to/2sO5bGp

TP-Link 8x4 Docsis 3.0 cable modem 343 megabits/s speed: http://amzn.to/2tcBf69

Keep in mind most providers and most Internet plans are pretty slow - most do not even max-out the 343 megabit modems.  But for a little bit more (like the TP-Link for 1029 megabits) you can future-proof your system a bit more - probably worth it.  These modems above are pretty much supported by every cable Internet provider, but remember these units above do NOT have a phone jack on them for phone service.  You can subscribe to a 3rd party VOIP (voice over IP) phone provider if you like.

If you use cable Internet WITH phone service, get a modem/router like one of these:

Arris Docsis 3.0 cable modem - newer model - with voice and NO WiFi: http://amzn.to/2kpCQqP

Older Model Arris Docsis 3.0 cable modem only with voice - NO WiFi: http://amzn.to/2ug1E8h

They have these used as well for less: http://amzn.to/2sO3FEd


Cisco Docsis 3.0 cable modem only with voice NO WiFi: http://amzn.to/2sNAmlm


Arris modem/router combo with phone HAS WiFi but the WiFi can probably be safely shut off (we have not tested this): http://amzn.to/2uc99Mu

Be sure to check with your cable provider to make sure that they fully support the model number of modem/voice unit that you are buying before you buy it.  Make sure it is compatible with their service and they support it.

You may need a ROUTER to share the Internet connection between multiple devices.  If you buy one of the modems above that is not also a router, then you should get this as well:

TP-Link Gigabit Wired-ONLY router: http://amzn.to/2sNJXJ2

WiFi causing sick school in Illinois? Administration goes silent.

Shaun Kranish 7 years ago updated by html5 games 3 years ago 1

My name is Shaun Kranish, and I am the father of two young and beautiful girls. Their ages are three and six, and the older child has attended school at Keith Country Day School for a few years. As an electromagnetic radiation specialist, I made sure to measure my daughter's school and begin a dialog about the levels of radiofrequency (RF) radiation present. Long-term exposures, hours and hours a day, are the most concerning since electromagnetic radiation shows cumulative health effects.

I'm writing this story and making it public due to my concern for the health and well-being of the children at this school. The school has a lower school building, with numerous wireless devices transmitting RF radiation constantly. Upon measuring the school with professional equipment - specifically my Gigahertz Solutions HFE59B High Frequency Analyzer, I found the readings to be far higher than levels recommended by scientists, researchers, and the International Institute for Building Biology and Ecology (IBE). The readings are below the current governmental limits in the US - which are based only decades-old research looking only at the thermal (tissue heating) effects. However, the US is far higher than many other countries, sometimes in orders of magnitude.

Leading scientists in this specific field are warning the US and other countries to lower these limits to protect the public health. Hundreds of these scientists have formally petitioned the United Nations to urge its member states to lower limits and take immediate action to protect public health - www.emfscientist.org.

In 2011 the World Health Organization classified radiofrequency (RF) radiation - the kind used by cell phones, cell towers, WiFi routers and access points, and other popular modern wireless devices - as a Group 2B Possible Carcinogen. This group of agents suspected to cause cancer also includes lead, DDT, and engine exhaust. Agents are added to this list when they have been scientifically shown to likely cause cancer. This is a very serious matter being studied by top scientists - so many of whom are warning us that RF radiation does cause cancer, that the classification should be increased to Probable or Known Carcinogen, and that we need to curtail our exposure, especially to children!

In today's addicted dependency and fanatical devotion to cutting-edge technology in the west, changing habits and being precautious has been slow to become mainstream. I've noticed my own sensitivities to wireless technology, as has my wife, and since 2008 I've personally spoken to thousands of individuals who have as well. As a building biologist and health-conscious guy, as well as a professional in the field of electromagnetic energy exposure, I believe we should seek to reduce our exposure as much as possible right now while the jury is still out on how different frequencies and modulations (pulsing) affect our biology - our life.

So I measured and sought to reduce the exposure to my children and to the other children in the lower school (Pre-K through Grade 2) building at Keith School in Rockford, Illinois. While my own children fortunately have fared very well health-wise, for which I am so thankful, my wife and I have noticed that so many others have not. Many times the majority of students in classrooms or in the entire lower school building were all out sick on the same day. Just today - March 12 - I spoke with a parent of another child at the school and received the report that most of the school is sick right now.

One of the things researchers like myself believe is that certain exposure to artificial energy fields or radiation will, very much like ionizing radiation, affect the body's immune system. The natural immune system may become compromised and cannot perform its important functions of adapting to protect the body - from external and internal threats. RF radiation - especially in certain forms such a digital pulse-modulated bursts - may have a tremendous affect on little bodies.

I haven't done research to compare attendance and sick days with other schools, but I would be very surprised if Keith School did not show poor results. The frequency of sickness and missed school days, and antibiotic treatment are alarming to me.

I was working with the head of the school - Debra Dimke - to try to reduce the RF exposure to the children. My wife - who also taught as a substitute teacher at the school - was also concerned about the exposure. We had met and talked numerous times and had come up with some strategies for reduction. One thing we tried was installing cloth shielding material over the WiFi access points, and this reduced the radiation around 95%. No one reported connectivity issues to us.

The cloth material was removed by the custodian who cited "fire hazard" concerns. While I disagree about DC-powered access point causing such concerns, I installed another solution - aluminum screen material. This was also very effective at reducing the readings and bringing them much closer to recommended levels. Shortly after, however, the aluminum screen material was removed. No one notified my wife or me, or discussed who or why the material was removed. We were concerned, and suspected the school's IT guy. Our suspicions were soon confirmed, but no reason was given why the material was removed.

We still haven't heard one complaint about connectivity issues while the shielding was up. Why was the material being taken down when Deb Dimke had told us it was OK to put up? Why was the IT guy saying Ms. Dimke had told him that we did not have permission? At this point I asked the head of the school to step in and clear this up with the IT guy. We arranged for a meeting, and I sent additional evidence of the dangers of RF radiation to the school administration and everyone involved.

We had already taken out kids out of school, reluctantly, because Ms. Dimke had asked us to stop putting up the shielding material. As the material was being removed by, at that time, and unknown party, and we had been given permission to put it up, we kept putting it back up. We told Ms. Dimke and others by email that we did not feel safe having our children in the school with those levels of RF radiation. Measurements I took with my professional Gigahertz Solutions HFE59B High Frequency Analyzer had exceeded 200,000 µW/m² with corrected factor of 10 applied (raw measurement over 20 milliwatts per meter squared).

While our two daughters were missing school - the school our older daughter had gone to for years with all her friends, attending events and fundraisers, and in general being a very active member of the school community - it took about a week and a half to get a meeting scheduled. Finally the meeting was about to take place, when the very night before we were notified impersonally by email that the meeting was canceled - no reason given. An unspecific promise to attend to the issue was also included.

Was WiFi really that difficult to discuss as adults? Why was there so much resistance to even have a discussion on the matter? Scheduling a meeting and then cancelling without explanation? Is this a topic that isn't to be brought up? It seemed as if technology had become a religion, and questioning the health effects of a popular fad like WiFi was heresy.

Well, there are reasons why this form of radiation has made the Group 2B Possible Carcinogen list. Other notable members include lead, DDT, and engine exhaust, as well as electromagnetic fields (such as those from power lines, wiring errors, and other sources). Substantial evidence exists that Radiofrequency (RF) radiation causes cancer. And cancer is just the most severe of a very large number of documented health effects spanning decades and decades of research.

These are the reasons France banned WiFi in buildings like my daughters' school. These are the reasons hundreds of scientists in this field from around the world - over 40 different countries - have formally petitioned the World Health Organization to urge its member states to adopt lower limits in order to protect the public, especially the most sensitive members like children.

Studies in animals have shown and been replicated showing an increase in tumors of animals exposed to low levels - typical background WiFi/cell tower/cordless phone levels of pulsed digital RF radiation. We have people all over complaining of falling ill because of technology like this. Can't we put 2 and 2 together? Why is this technology so sacred that our children are made guinea pigs in this experiment despite serious evidence that it's dangerous?

MOBILE NOW Bill in Congress - EMF Community Members Raising Alerts

Shaun Kranish 7 years ago updated by mkio mmm 4 months ago 23

The following is from Kevin Mottus:

Mobile Now Act and The Digit Bill have passed out of the Senate Commerce Committee and are headed to the full senate for a vote. They will probably be heard in the next week or two.

Have all your people call every senator's office now. If they feel strongly have them come to Washington DC and do it in person. There are only 100 senators. Tell them to ask for the Chief of Staff then the Legislative Director. If you do not talk to them then leave a message on voicemail and send an email to the Legislative Director and Chief of Staff. The email addresses in the senate are a set format: First name Underscore Last Name@SenatorsLastName.senate.gov. For all senators contact info go to: https://www.senate.gov/senators/contact/. If the Chief of Staff or Legislative Director is not available, try to talk to a staffer and not the receptionist that answers the phone. Ask for staffer in charge of environmental or health issues if Legislative Director is not there. Tell them how you feel about having a 5G Mini Cell Tower near or in front of your home. Ask them to ask the Senator to block these bills.

Go to your Senators local office and talk to the director there and ask them to block these bills.

Ask them to Vote NO on Mobile Now Act S.19 and Vote NO on Digit Act S.88.

After you have talked with them yourself, you can ask for a meeting for me (Kevin Mottus) and the staffer to provide more information. You can set up an appointment for me and be on the phone or not whatever is comfortable for you. I will likely meet with them with an expert on the phone. Email me at Keephealthyfamilies@gmail.com with any meeting times and info.

Bill Info: These bills lay the foundation for the Internet of Things that will require a small cell tower transmitter every couple of homesemitting high frequency 24Ghz to 90Ghz which has never been tested for non-thermal biological effects. These transmitters will be put in public right of ways with NO ability to consider health and safety. The transmitters will be ugly, decrease property values, and expose occupants to harmful wireless radiation so basically your appliances can communicate with one another which does not seem like a necessity and your privacy can be violated even more easily.


Mobile Now Act (a) Short Title.—This Act may be cited as the “Making Opportunities for Broadband Investment and Limiting Excessive and Needless Obstacles to Wireless Act” or the “MOBILE NOW Act”.

(b) Table Of Contents.—The table of contents of this Act is as follows:

Sec. 1. Short title; table of contents.
Sec. 2. Definitions.
Sec. 3. Making 500 megahertz available.
Sec. 4. Millimeter wave spectrum.
Sec. 5. 3 gigahertz spectrum.
Sec. 6. Distributed antenna systems and small cell infrastructure.
Sec. 7. Communications facilities deployment on Federal property.
Sec. 8. Broadband infrastructure deployment.
Sec. 9. National broadband facilities asset database.
Sec. 10. Reallocation incentives.
Sec. 11. Bidirectional sharing study.
Sec. 12. Unlicensed services in guard bands.
Sec. 13. Pre-auction funding.
Sec. 14. Immediate transfer of funds.
Sec. 15. Amendments to the Spectrum Pipeline Act of 2015.
Sec. 16. GAO assessment of unlicensed spectrum and Wi-Fi use in low-income neighborhoods.
Sec. 17. Rulemaking related to partitioning or disaggregating licenses.
Sec. 18. Unlicensed spectrum policy.
Sec. 19. National plan for unlicensed spectrum.
Sec. 20. Spectrum challenge prize.
Sec. 21. Wireless telecommunications tax and fee collection fairness.
Sec. 22. Rules of construction.
Sec. 23. Relationship to Middle Class Tax Relief and Job Creation Act of 2012.

S88 the DIGIT Bill "To ensure appropriate spectrum planning and interagency coordination to support the Internet of Things." Is just as bad if not worse than the Mobile Now Act. It is basically written to develop a working group that will determine how to make the Internet of Things Happen e.g. regulations standing in the way, budget, how to use internet of things in government. The working group will be made up of NTIA, NIST, FCC, FTC, Office of Science and Technology Policy, Department of Energy, Industry and other stakeholders

(A) the identification of any Federal regulations, statutes, grant practices, programs, budgetary or jurisdictional challenges, and other sector-specific policies that are inhibiting or could inhibit the development of the Internet of Things;

(B) whether adequate spectrum is available to support the growing Internet of Things and what legal or regulatory barriers may exist to providing any spectrum needed in the future;

Disabling Wireless Signals from Samsung Smart TV

Shaun Kranish 7 years ago updated by Fedor Kinaya 4 years ago 5

Samsung...we meet again. A while back I wrote about and made a little YouTube voice-over with images of disabling wireless from a Samsung refrigerator. Well, I had another opportunity to meet a Samsung device without the option to disable wireless without getting out a screwdriver.

Suggestion to manufacturers: Put a physical power switch on these devices so that we can shut off the WiFi without 1) having to rely on software settings which could be inadvertently reset or updated and 2) having to physically open up the device to disconnect something. Please hear us - there are plenty of people who do not want the wireless functionality - who do not want the radiation - from these devices.

So this TV - a Samsung UN32J5500AF - is a Smart TV that came with a house my parents recently moved into. The TV has an Ethernet hookup on the back, which we utilized. But hooking it up to Ethernet didn't stop the wireless signals. There also were no settings in the menu to completely disable it. The TV was even radiating RF radiation when it was off - simply being plugged-into the power outlet made the unit transmit 24/7.

My parents didn't want that in their kitchen, and I certainly didn't want it in their kitchen either. They spend a lot of time there, and my family spends a lot of time there when we visit. No thank you, Samsung.

So, a standard Phillips screw driver, and about a dozen or so screws, and the back cover of the TV came off very easily. I made sure to periodically touch something ground to avoid ESD (electrostatic discharge). And I made sure simply not to touch any of the metal contacts anywhere inside - on the circuit boards.

Image 88

As you can see in the pictures - there are 2 small black boxes with sickers with an FCC ID on them. These are the wireless devices. I'm not sure why there are 2, but they were. Look at that - they have as simple connect that pops off. A flathead screw driver helped me pop these 2 connectors off so that they are completely disconnected.

Now our family enjoys high definition and the "Smart" TV features like YouTube/Netflix/etc sans radiation.

Image 90

Image 91

NACST Publishes New WiFi in Schools Pamphlet

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The National Association for Children and Safe Technology just released a great new pamphlet/brochure on WiFi in schools - the research - the risks - the recommendations.

Click Here to view it now

Alternate download if above doesn't work

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NACST Releases WiFi in Schools Brochure

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This great brochure/pamphlet was just released by the National Association for Children and Safe Technology (NACST).

Primary Download

Alternate Download

They just sent this email: