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I am writing on behalf of myself, and also on behalf of numerous other Illinois Citizens who are concerned about the very real dangers of increased microwave (radiofrequency) radiation exposure. Radiofrequency radiation is a Group 2B possible carcinogen (the same list as LEAD, DDT, and engine exhaust) according to the World Health Organization. This is due to the substantial evidence that it causes cancer. I work in this field, as a researcher and environmental health expert. I have been a leader in the field since 2008. These dangers are very real and are already affecting people. We need to reduce the amount of exposure the public gets, not increase it. Over 240 leading scientists from over 40 countries formally signed and petitioned the World Health Organization so urge all of its member states to take immediate and significant action to reduce the public's exposure.

This is not the time to increase the exposure, but the time to study and reduce, as the leading scientists are saying ( More information on the science and what the scientists are saying can be found at:

Thank you for your attention. I would love to hear back from the appropriate staffer for environmental health and safety. You can reach me by email or phone. I hope that Senator Duckworth will vote NO on these bills. We must put the health of our children and society in front of corporate interests. Thank you!!!

Hi Loraine, did you click the Full Article link? Click this link here and it will bring you to the entire article - it describes in great detail how the measurement was performed :)

Hi Valerie, that's a good question!

I always recommend LOCKING the analog meter. As the homeowner, you own the socket box that the meter goes into (the metal box where the meter is mounted). The power company only owns the meter. Yes, you need to allow them access to it if they need it, but it doesn't have to be 24/7 access on a whim.

People have constructed wooden boxes, steel/iron cages, locking brackets, chains, and other ways to prevent them from being able to take out the meter without you. So you need to lock that up so that if they want at the meter, they need to ask you. I did this with my own meter just as a precaution. You can see how I did it here:

This is just one way. Anything you do to your meter box (be careful - do NOT drill or screw into this because it is always live with electricity!!!) or the house is up to you - you own it :) If anyone tampers or destroys anything you do (cuts locks, etc) you should call the police immediately. If you see anyone attempting to tamper, you should immediately warn them that you will call the police immediately if they damage any of your property.

Also be careful not to ever touch anything "Bluetooth" on the radio, or it may turn it back on. If you touch "connect a device" or something - it could turn this back on. So careful and check it with an RF meter if you feel symptoms in the car. My mom was feeling symptoms of heart racing/anxiety in her car. I'm betting she will be feeling better now and those feelings won't be returning.

An update - I found a way to disable it!!!

I took my professional meter in the car this morning, when my mom stopped by, to measure and see about temporarily shielding. I was playing around in the settings and I DELETED all of the Bluetooth devices in the list. The transmission stopped thank God! It was so powerful before. But deleting all of the bluetooth devices listed in there made the bluetooth signal stop completely.

So if you have a Buick Enclave - whether you bought it new or used - make sure you go into the bluetooth settings and delete all of the devices. The only sure way to know is to verify with a RF (radiofrequency) meter. The car should be completely quiet - shouldn't be generating anything when you compare the car being off to being turned on/started.

google earth puts the 2 cell towers currently nearest their house at 2600 feet each - so the same distance. However at least with those there are trees and houses as obstructions. But I need to go back out on a nice day and measure to compare both outdoor and indoor locations with the same meter and antenna.

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Does anyone have ideas on historical examples of humanities foolishness with unsafe technology/pollution? Good examples of what is common knowledge today, when we look back and say "how could they not know?"

1) Tobacco